COVID-19 Announcement

As most all of you know, the pandemic is causing a lot of concerns for the people who are diagnosed with the virus. The death tolls in the US are drastically rising each day. Our need to be cautious and stay healthy has never been more critical as it is now going to be in the next weeks ahead.

The surgeon general has issued his concerns and saying,

“The worst is now upon us in the next few weeks ahead as it is the 9-11 or the Pearl Harbor of our time."

With all the things that we have already implemented in order to keep our employees and customers safe, it will be very hard to control in a retail setting at any level. We have disinfected everywhere we possibly can, we have not allowed more than 10 customers at one time in the store, we have kept the 6 ft distance between us as best as possible, and still those measures are just precautionary and not effective at keeping the virus away. Now more than ever we need to act on the advice from the authorities to stop the threat of encountering this deadly virus.

We have investigated all the possibilities of helping our employees and they are all going to be paid during this time of the pandemic. We also have investigated the SBA loan possibilities that are available to small businesses that could possibly help with the lack of business funds, especially for the Mom & Pops like us.

At this time, we are faced with closing our doors at Port O’Connor Rod & Gun FOR A COUPLE OF WEEKS to lessen the chance of any of our customers and employees becoming victims to the pandemic. We would not be able to fathom the horrible experience of one of our employees in ICU, or even worse, a fatality in our family. We will re-open as soon as possible when the authorities have posted new guidelines and information is available with the “ALL CLEAR” to start getting back to leaving our homes. We will be available by phone and there are some items that can be purchased then shipped.

Please remember to take every precaution possible to stay healthy in the weeks and months to come. This virus has no boundaries and everyone no matter gender, age, race, or health condition is immune to this deadly virus.

We thank all the customers, vendors, and friends that have been with us since 2009. We are excited to have all y’all back in a few weeks, with smiling faces, in Port O’Connor.

Donald & Julia Klesel