Medium power with a medium action. The Salty With a Twist of Line is primarily for multi-lure use with a more stable hook set than an extra fast action, but with the finesse of a lighter tip.

It's also rocking a spiral wrap with the micro recoil guides. A spiral wrap means the guides start on top of the rod, in line with your reel, and twist 180 degrees around the rod. This allows for the rod tip to now be pointing down, like a spinning rod's tip does, and reduces friction between the line and guides. This allows for better side casting in the wind, due to the reduced friction, and for a better feel of your line through the downward facing tip.

The Salty With a Twist of Line

  • Action Power Line Weight Lure Weight Guides
    Moderate Medium 8-14lb 1/4-5/8oz Micro Recoil



  • Lifetime warranty information coming soon.