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Feel the difference a Port O'Connor Rod can make for you.


The Angler

6 -12 lb. | 1/16 - 1/2 oz. Lure

Medium-light power with a moderate fast action for top water baits, finesse casting, and drop shots; where lightest line presentations are needed.




The Hump

8 -14 lb. | 1/16 - 1/2 oz. Lure

Medium-light power with a moderate fast action for top waters, swim baits, and finesse casting.




The Big Pocket

10 - 20 lb. | 1/4 - 3/4 oz. Lure

Medium-heavy power with a moderate action for live bait and popping corks.




  • Reel Cleaning and Repair


  • Fishing Rod Repair


  • Custom Fishing Rods


  • Optics Mounting

  • Bore Sighting


  • Custom Engraving


  • License To Carry Courses


  • Gun Cleaning and Repair

  • Custom Built Professional Fishing Rods


  • A Select Few Brands Of High Grade Fishing Rods​

  • The Leading Brands In Salt & Freshwater Baits & Tackle

  • The Top Brands of Fishing Reels


  • The Best Outdoor Apparel Brands on the Market


  • Tactical Knives & Outdoor Essential Tools and Equipment

  • Over 25 Brands of Firearms

  • Optics For All Uses

  • Tactical Gear and Firearm Attachments​



Lets Go Fishing!

Thanks so much for stopping by!

Come join us in Port O' Connor TX for an adventure on the water you will never forget. With 2 openings to the Gulf of Mexico, our bay is always alive with a new experience every time you fish here. Weather you are fishing from the pier, or chest deep wade fishing, we have some of the most beautiful spots to snag a variety of game fish.

Don't know the area? We have more guide fishermen here than you can count on your fingers and toes combined.


To top things off the town is always cooking up great seafood like no other, a new fishing tournament every other weekend, and community events, like our Craw fish Festival to the Fourth of July firework show.


Always something in Port O' Connor, and for as small of a community that we are, we scream BIG adventure.

Contact Us:

Port O'Connor Rod & Gun

82 North Byers St

Port O'connor TX, 77982

Phone: 361-746-8049


Meet The Owner

We are glad you took time to stop by our store. Here in Port O'Connor we have a lot to offer for the sportsman who likes to stay active outdoors.
 We enjoy the people and the atmosphere here. Be sure to stay connected to our Facebook page for sales and updates with POC.

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