Cooler Weather Fishing

Changing up your fishing pattern for the fall/winter season can be easy when you learn the area your fishing. The water levels are typically higher during the first part of fall so your summer pattern is not effective anymore. Here are a few tips for adjusting your fishing pattern this season.

  • Start fishing more reefs that are exposed during the changing tides.

  • Don’t throw a loud noise making top water bait, but instead keep your approach soft and quiet around the edges of the reef.

  • Move out to the deeper edges with a Paul Brown's Fatboy.

  • Remember to keep your retrieve slow and keep your bait still longer than your summer bite.

  • Before you move on, be sure to throw your soft plastic out deep and retrieve it slowly bumping it up to the shell before you slow constant retrieve.

  • Colors of baits this time of year are not bright and shinny but whites or blacks should be the color of choice in hard or soft baits.

  • The jetty is always active on an outgoing tide, some slot reds during October and early November. Anchor up and wait for the tide to start pushing out, your bite will be best on the out going tide when it’s not too strong and just getting started.

Good luck out there everybody! By the way, we just got a bunch of the new Pro Series Paul Brown's in, save 1$ off each as part of our Shotober sale, lasts until Halloween!

Paul Brown's Fat Boy Pro Series

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